My hair fall started at the age of 30. I used to have long, black thick hair. But because of too much stress at work, my hair started to get thin and my hair fall became excessive. I’ve tried different kinds of hair growing products, thinking that it may help solve my hair problem. But as I have expected, it didn’t work out. Until one day, I’ve got the chance to be one of the studio audiences sa isang kilalang talkshow (Mel&Joey GMA7). Luckily, I’m one of those na nabigyan ng kanilang give-aways na NOVUHAIR Topical Scalp Lotion. I didn’t have any fears nor worries about using it because Novuhair has natural components that won’t harm nor damage my scalp and hair. I immediately used it and discovered its cooling and relaxing effects while massaging it on my scalp. After 1 week of using the product, my hair fall became less. And after 5 months of continuously using NOVUHAIR, I’ve noticed that new hairs grew and my hair became more vibrant. And not only that.. it even eliminated my dandruff… I’m very happy with what NOVUHAIR did to my hair… It really changed my life.. Now I can mingle with my friends with full confidence… Thanks Novuhair… You’re one of a kind!


I can feel where most of you are coming from – believe me… been there, done that:) But such an unpleasant continuing experience became a productive awakening call for me. The biggest mistake I’ve done when I was at my teen age was… I HAVE COMPLETELY IGNORED such comments from friends and denied my alarming hair problem. Well, I admit it – the truth hurts:( I have counteracted such ridicule from friends that it’s genetic… runs in our family… Well, in fact, it does… Oh my, I’m doing it again.
Psychology clearly defines this type of personality defense mechanism as rationalization – giving the right reason but not the true reason, lol:) I have tried having shorter hair cut styles just to hide the truth and not to make the obvious too apparent. If you have the means now to address this issue, go straight to the nearest Mercury Drug or Watsons pharmacy and grab a bottle of Novuhair and start the treatment. I am recommending to you the safer and effective alternative, not to mention the cost-effective benefit as compared with other treatments. I am using the product and I know the product by heart – researched each ingredient and the proven benefits.

Believe me, I felt happy using Novuhair not because of the desired result I have achieved in addressing my thinning hair and excessive hair fall, but because of the level of confidence that I have gained. The anxiety brought about by thinning hair and the fact that you can’t hide it (not unless you opt to add more damage to the problem by wearing a fashionable cap all the time) Sometimes, I still receive the same ridicule from new friends who haven’t seen the worse that my hair has gone through. However, I am more confident now because I am doing something about it and Novuhair never failed me. Yes, it requires commitment and consistency to use the product… But it’s equally rewarding. For old friends, they have seen the difference.

My recommendation – monitor your progress monthly. Have your hair checked via Novuhair’s free hair and scalp analysis. Continuously use Novuhair. Every month, have it checked again to monitor objectively the difference. It’s worth the investment. I hope I was able to shed light and hopefully hear your success stories in the future using Novuhair:)


I’ve been a Novuhair… user since latter part of 2010. Excessive hair loss and the testimony of Fanny Serrano prompted me to try your product… Congratulations to Novuhair! You’re heaven sent. Novuhair really workswonders to my thinning hair, an answer to my prayer … Thank you so much!



I am currently employed as a sales & marketing consultant of a multinational pharmaceutical company here in New York. The time that my job demands is consuming and the stress is nerve-wrecking. I was alarmed by the progressing bald patches on my temple, my equally disturbing hair line and the numerous hair strands on my pillow each time I wake up. My cousin brought me a gift a month ago, it was Novuhair scalp lotion and a shampoo included. Honestly, I have nothing against herbal medicines, but my years of immersion to the pharmaceutical industry led me skeptical about anything herbal. To make the long story short, my curiosity pushed me to try it and see if it works. My wife even asked me what treatment I’ve been using since my hair seemed thicker in volume. I’ve checked the hair stands falling during my shower and to my surprise, it worked! I became more interested with the product and started searching Google for more information. I am writing to you to express my sincerest appreciation. Hopefully the product becomes available here in the future. More power to you guys