The rainforest was not grown with chemicals! This should tell you something about what not to use to keep a full head of hair. Here are some of your hair’s BFFs (Best Friend Forever) proven to help fight excessive hair shedding and thinning hair:

  • GINGER makes the strands strong, controls dandruff, tackles dryness, improves blood flow and nourishes locks with fatty acids.
  • BLACK PEPPER makes the follicles stronger and reduces hair fall. Rich in Vitamins A and C, flavonoids, carotenoids and other antioxidants, it also stimulates growth and fights dandruff.
  • LEMONGRASS helps improve the quality of your hair and condition of your scalp, treats oily strands and strengthens the follicles of your tress.
  • PENNYWORT reduces hair fall, treats split ends and prevents dandruff.
  • GOOSEBERRY helps keep the locks’ color, improves luster and strengthens the roots.
  • GINSENG helps enhance the regeneration ability of a tress, encourage mane growth and prevent excessive shedding of the strands.

Seek no other product, except for the all-natural solution called Novuhair Topical Scalp Lotion, to enjoy these natural hair BFFs plus 13 more for all the TLC your crowning glory truly deserves, check out
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