Dieting is effective in losing unwanted body fats and, eventually, decreasing weight. While undergoing this process, however, you may end up slimming down your hair instead of getting fit. That is if you do it fast yet wrong.

Most people resort to extreme methods of restricting their food intake, especially after their glutony moments during the holidays or any occasion wherein they can’t resist the temptation of the feast spread before them. It may be a good idea at the time, but more often than not, their New Year weight loss resolution or just a basic crash diet haunts them in the end at the cost of their mane.

Usually, the hair will fall out a month or two after the diet begins at a quicker rate than normal—about an average 100 hairs a day. Dieters may observe an increase in hair fall from the top of their head when the skin on the scalp is more visible. They may also find more strands in the shower after taking a bath.

Why is this so? The shedding is caused by restricting calorie intake inevitably. It means that your ingestion of nutrients will decline sharply. Since the hair system is very sensitive to changes taking place in any of your body parts, Telogen Effluvium may happen.

This hair loss condition occurs when the follicles stop growing prematurely and enter the telogen or resting phase. While the affected hairs will remain at this stage for a few months, but still they will fade away. So theoretically speaking, you could have given your diet the boot long prior to the moment when your tress vanishes.

Luckily for those who have been taking vegetable juices and breathing fresh air for the past few weeks, hair loss from Telogen Effluvium should regrow after several months. However, hair still needs a helping hand for it to go back to its previous luster, especially if a nutrient deficiency is still ongoing.

Rather than starving yourself, ditch your crash diet for a balanced nutrition. Eat food that promote healthy locks. For instance, liver contains biotin that helps the hair to grow. Sweet potato is rich with vitamin A that helps secrete sebum, a substance that prevents hair breakage. For zinc and selenium that treat many hair issues, such as hair graying, losing hair, and dandruff, eggs are a good option.

Bean sprouts are ideal for the mane’s nutrient absorption. You can go nuts for its Vitamin E contents that contribute to a robust scalp.

It is, likewise, suggested to have a regular exercise schedule in your daily routine. Because you perspire when you flex some muscles, sweating from the scalp aids to unclog the hair follicles, giving enough space for the new hair to grow. Exercising also pumps up the flow of the blood to our muscles, skin and scalp, thus bringing in more nutrients and more oxygen to the hair roots, and thereby promoting healthy hair growth.

If you think you must crash diet, the best way to avoid hair loss is to take a high-quality mane care product to compensate for the nutrients that are lacking in your body. Worth considering is NOVUHAIR topical scalp lotion. Packed with 19 natural ingredients, it penetrates deeply into the scalp to help promote blood circulation, improve overall appearance, nourish and rejuvenate the hair.

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