My hair fall started at the age of 30. I used to have long, black thick hair. But because of too much stress at work, my hair started to get thin and my hair fall became excessive. I’ve tried different kinds of hair growing products, thinking that it may help solve my hair problem. But as I have expected, it didn’t work out. Until one day, I’ve got the chance to be one of the studio audiences sa isang kilalang talkshow (Mel&Joey GMA7). Luckily, I’m one of those na nabigyan ng kanilang give-aways na NOVUHAIR Topical Scalp Lotion. I didn’t have any fears nor worries about using it because Novuhair has natural components that won’t harm nor damage my scalp and hair. I immediately used it and discovered its cooling and relaxing effects while massaging it on my scalp. After 1 week of using the product, my hair fall became less. And after 5 months of continuously using NOVUHAIR, I’ve noticed that new hairs grew and my hair became more vibrant. And not only that.. it even eliminated my dandruff… I’m very happy with what NOVUHAIR did to my hair… It really changed my life.. Now I can mingle with my friends with full confidence… Thanks Novuhair… You’re one of a kind!

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