Do not let your crowning glory lose its glory, luster and strength. These amazing fruits will definitely help you to maintain and revive your hair’s natural glow.
It’s time to dig into nature’s abundant bounty of goodness and prevent hair fall. Time to get your daily dose of good fruits!

1. Apples
Apples were undoubtedly delicious and appetizing, together with its good taste comes all the benefits that it can do to your body and your hair. This fruit is a good source of fiber. Fiber helps in better absorption of nutrients and antioxidants, which are required for collagen synthesis, that will lead to a healthy skin. Another fact is that fiber ensures a steady supply of protein to the body and makes your hair healthy and gorgeous.

2. Grapes
Grapes are good sources of essential nutrients like vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and flavonoids. These minerals are very beneficial for your body and to your hair.
Did you know that eating a bunch of grapes can promote hair growth? The minerals and antioxidants present in grapes fights the free radicals in your body to stabilize them and prevent them from doing damage to your body cells including your scalp cells.

3. Bananas
Banana is a versatile fruit that contains many nutrients including Vitamins A, B, C and E along with minerals like potassium, zinc, iron and manganese.
Banana is known as a fruit that is very rich in potassium. Lack of potassium in your body will result to hair loss. A potassium deficiency, also called as hypokalemia can cause your hair to fall out. High-salt diets cause excess sodium accumulation around hair follicles, preventing the absorption of vital nutrients required for you to have a healthy hair and scalp. Increasing your intake of potassium with the help of bananas will remove excess sodium and eliminate the potassium deficiency and resulting hair loss.Try using Novuhair. Novuhair contains 19 natural ingredients that prompts new hair growth, prevents dandruff and scalp itchiness and is an aid for overall cleansing and detoxification.

Always remember that good food will always be beneficial to your body but, do not forget that you also need to provide your hair and scalp the proper nourishment it needs.



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