I am currently employed as a sales & marketing consultant of a multinational pharmaceutical company here in New York. The time that my job demands is consuming and the stress is nerve-wrecking. I was alarmed by the progressing bald patches on my temple, my equally disturbing hair line and the numerous hair strands on my pillow each time I wake up. My cousin brought me a gift a month ago, it was Novuhair scalp lotion and a shampoo included. Honestly, I have nothing against herbal medicines, but my years of immersion to the pharmaceutical industry led me skeptical about anything herbal. To make the long story short, my curiosity pushed me to try it and see if it works. My wife even asked me what treatment I’ve been using since my hair seemed thicker in volume. I’ve checked the hair stands falling during my shower and to my surprise, it worked! I became more interested with the product and started searching Google for more information. I am writing to you to express my sincerest appreciation. Hopefully the product becomes available here in the future. More power to you guys

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